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"Spring Vineyard" Acrylic Plein Air Painting


Augusta Plein Air Festival


April 26, 2022



Project type

Plein Air Painting

It was a cold (very cold, I wore snow pants) April morning in Augusta, Missouri and I was preparing for a day of Plein Air Painting (painting outside). I arrived at Sugar Creek Vineyard just after sunrise with no idea what I was going to paint that day. I wandered around the vineyard with a heavy backpack loaded with all of the things I'd need to paint with that day. I walked past the winery building, through the Vineyards and as I did, I noticed the buds on the vines. It was very early spring and I could see that in this little section of vine. So I set up my easel, put on some music, and began painting this little sign of spring. As I did, I saw so many colors bursting from this small branch. It exploded with energetic colors and possibilities.
It was a fond memory of a beautifully cold spring morning when I found colorful spring inspiration in the middle of a vineyard. It was a good day.
8"x10" Acrylic on Wooden Panel

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