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It was the third day of the Augusta Plein Air Festival, and the second paint out of the day. This paint out was quite special as I got to meet up with my mom and uncle at this event. Augusta Shores can be a bit of a Labyrinth, and at one point I lost them somewhere in the area. But they finally found their way to what seemed like the end of the lake. I set up my easel and had a plan for an unconventional painting, a vertical landscape portraying the shore (it was the Augusta Shores paint out!). As I painted, a family came and caught fish while sitting on the rocks pictured, I got to chat with my family and everything seemed perfect, until it began raining. I quickly grabbed my umbrella, which was large enough to cover my peice, had I painted it in a traditional horizontal landscape, it wouldn't have! It all worked out, I was able to continue my painting and the rain stopped after a few minutes. On this peice I used watercolors and gouache, adding extra color and depth to it.

The painting is 7"x30" floating on a burlap surface, under glass. Ready to hang. The finished dimensions are about 11"x34".

Augusta Shores

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