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This cat almost looks like it's fur is made of cotton candy!

Dewey started as a watercolor, but as I worked, I found gouache paint provided beautiful colors and depth I couldn't get with watercolors alone. So I ended up using both.

Dewey has easily been one of my most popular paintings, so I thought I'd offer it is a sticker.

The sticker is approximately 2.4"x3". It is a die cut sticker made with a durable and waterproof vinyl to protect the image from scratches, rain, and sunlight.

Shipped through the USPS.

Contact me with any questions.

Prints are Artist Prints. All Prints come in an archival clear bag with archival backing. The minis will be cropped to 4"x6" and matted to 5"x7". All prints are shipped in a stay flat envelope through the United States Postal Service with Tracking.

"Dewey" Colorful Watercolor and Gouache Main Coon Cat Painting

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