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I went a bit abstract on this one, but I'm trying to portray more than just an image. What are you initial thoughts on this painting? What does this painting mean to you? The trees, forest, leaves, circles, and eye all have meaning. For me, it's an exploration of beauty in nature, moments in time, and growth. Finally getting to work on another peice for the Green Collection, I delved into green and what it means to me. Hiking, collecting leaves, growing plants, and taking the time to see and enjoy what is around me outdoors. The circles represent moments. They go through time, constantly changing but are with us wherever we are. When I'm in nature my moments are peaceful and beautiful. Also, I am constantly growing, that's why the leaves all originate from the eye. That's my main source of learning. This kind of work takes a lot of time, creativity, planning, and courage. I hope you like it. I used watercolor and gouache on a new to me type of handmade archival watercolor paper. It's approximately 6"x8".

"Eye on Nature" Watercolor Print

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