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This is your chance to order a print if Liberty before they are even printed! Prints will be shipped out the first week of December. Prints will include archival backing board and bags, shipped in a stay-flat envelope through the United States Postal Office with tracking.A bit about the painting and the subject:The painting is acrylic on stretched linen.  Painted over three weeks using a series of thin washes and many layers of paint.The bird is Liberty. He is non-releasable bald eagle and has been with the World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, Missouri for almost his entire life. Liberty is originally from Florida, where he was thought to be hit by a car after he arrived to the Florida Audubon society’s rehabilitation center with a fractured coracoid. Liberty quickly healed and was released back into the wild, until he was found three weeks later with a dislocated shoulder and some neurological damage. He was thought to have been hit by a car again. He was then declared non-releasable, as he would be unable to hunt or fly with the permanent damage he received. Liberty was then transferred to WBS where he became an education ambassador! Liberty has helped educate thousands of people on conservation. His calm demeanor and personality has made him a favorite among many people. He has touched many people’s hearts, and taught them all about the amazing story of the recovery of the bald eagle.A portion of the print proceeds will go to the WBS, or you can donate directly to the World Bird Sanctuary at

"Liberty" Bald Eagle Limited Edition Prints

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