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I did some experimenting and playing around during the creation of this painting. "Playful Growth" has more painterly and abstract qualities to it. It was fun and nerve wrecking at the same time. It wasn't about getting things exactly as they are, but more about experimenting and trying new things. I never know what will happen when I play, but I always learn when I do.

If you'd like more info on my creative process, check out my blog here.

I took some great videos during painting this. You can view them on my Instagram at The limited palette consists of Moonglow, Ultramarine Violet, Rose of Ultramarine, Organic Vermillion, Rhodonite Genuine, and Cadnium Yellow Medium Hue in Daniel Smith Watercolors. 

Prints are Limited Edition Artist Proof Prints. They will be signed and numbered. I will only have 40 total Prints for my personal Inventory, 20 medium and 10 large and 10 minis. All prints come in an archival clear bag with archival backing. The minis will be cropped to 4"x6" and matted to 5"x7". Orders will ship starting the week after Easter.

Playful Growth Prints

SKU: 1032024000826
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