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Introducing "Selene" - A Breathtaking Artistic Tribute to a captivating creature. This artwork is a labor of love inspired by these magnificent creatures from the World Bird Sanctuary. What's even more heartwarming is that you can contribute to their conservation.


Each stroke of this artwork captures the soulful gaze, the feathers' delicate intricacy, and the serene presence of these owls. It's more than just art; it's a celebration of nature's wonders.


When you purchase a print of "Selene" you're not just acquiring a piece of art. You're supporting Arleana Holtzmann. Did you know that you can adopt one of these incredible birds at the Sanctuary? Your adoption goes a long way in aiding their mission and taking care of these beautiful creatures.


So, don't wait any longer. Bring home "Selene" and be a part of the circle of love, art, and conservation. Purchase a print, support the Artist, and then embark on the wonderful journey of adopting a Barn Owl. Make a difference today!


Delve into the "Conserving Nature" Collection, a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of the natural world and a commitment to it's preservation. In this collection, I showcase a series of detailed watercolor paintings, each lovingly crafted on handmade recycled paper using non toxic materials.

My Passion for Sustainability: At the heart of this collection lies a dedication to sustainable artistry. I believe that nature not only inspires us but is also in need of our protection. By utilizing recycled paper as my canvas, I hope to demonstrate my deep respect for the environment and a commitment to reducing waste. Each piece in "Conserving Nature" embodies the essence of conservation.

The Artistic Journey: I painted with my heart and hands to try to capture the natural colors, delicate details, and the magical moments of nature. The watercolor medium , known for it's ethereal quality, along with sparkly iridescent mica powders, allowed me to convey the interconnectedness of the creatures and the fragility and wonder of their environment.

A Message of Hope: Through this collection, I hoped to inspire a sense of responsibility and hope. Encouraging the viewers to reflect on the beauty of nature, understanding it's vulnerability, and consider their role in preserving it. Art has the power to invoke change, and "Conserving Nature" serves as a poignant reminder of the need for environmental stewardship.

Available Artwork: Each painting in the "Conserving Nature" has an original painting and Limited Edition Prints. By bringing these pieces into your life, you are not only supporting a local artist, but are also contributing to my ongoing efforts to support environmental conservation initiatives locally. You can also directly support the Sanctuary at

"Selene" Barn Owl Watercolor Painting Limited Edition Prints

  • Each print is a Limited Edition, signed and numbered by hand, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The print is protected in an archival clear bag to preserve it's longevity and quality.  The minis will be cropped to 4"x6" and matted to 5"x7". The print is shipped in a stay-flat envelope with a rigid acid free backing board and shipped through the United States Postal Service with Tracking.

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