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When I was asked to speak at the St. Louis Public Library for Women's History Month about the importance of art, the power of expression and the freedom it offers, I decided the focus would be a woman currently making history at The World Bird Sanctuary. This is Cheryl and Alejandro. Their bond is truly inspiring.💗 Cheryl was his primary trainer and worked with him on handling and basics. She went everywhere with him while he was training and still getting comfortable with the whole process of crating and going on car rides. She did such a wonderful job with him, he now works with everyone at the Sanctuary and participates in lots of Programs as an Education Ambassador! You can see him at The World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis, Missouri.

I checked, and Harpy Eagles are listed Critically Endangered in Central America and Mexico and are considered Near Threatened Globally according to Wikipedia. 💔

I chose to create this to communicate the importance of what women like Cheryl are working to do everyday at The World Bird Sanctuary.

The painting is Mixed Media. The majority of it is Watercolor, but there is also Gouache, Oil Pastels, Pastels, Colored Pencil and Acrylic paint. The original was on watercolor paper mounted to board and varnished so that it would be displayed without glass. Approximately 22"x20", now available in prints from the Artist in a variety of sizes.


You can share in the beauty of this unique piece by acquiring one of these prints, available for a limited time.


These prints are a heartfelt tribute to the beauty of the natural world and a commitment to it's preservation. Each lovingly crafted on handmade recycled paper using non toxic materials.


My Passion for Sustainability: At the heart of this collection lies a dedication to sustainable artistry. I believe that nature not only inspires us but is also in need of our protection. By utilizing Non-Toxic Paints, I hope to demonstrate my deep respect for the environment and a commitment to reducing waste.


Available Artwork: Each print is signed by hand by the Artist, me. By bringing these pieces into your life, you are not only supporting a local artist, but are also contributing to my ongoing efforts to support environmental conservation initiatives locally. You can also directly support the Sanctuary at

Please contact me with any questions.

The original has sold.

"True Love" Mixed Media Painting Prints

  • Each print is available for a Limited time from the artist directly. Each one is signed by hand, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The print is protected in an archival clear bag to preserve it's longevity and quality.  The minis will be cropped to 4"x6" and matted to 5"x7". Cards are blank inside and include an envelope and are also packaged in an archival clear bag. The print is shipped in a stay-flat envelope with a rigid acid free backing board and shipped through the United States Postal Service with Tracking.

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